Hello there - welcome to my website.
I'm an emerging, author-in-waiting (in other words, my novel is finished but undergoing reconstructive surgery, ie. editing!) 

My novel As I Am was shortlisted for the 2017 Richell Prize for Emerging Authors and won the Highly Commended gong (which is a fancy way of saying The Runners-Up Prize).

I was absolutely thrilled with this lovely nod to my writing from people who don't rely on me for meals and/or clean shirts. 

The prize is a twelve month mentorship with Hachette editor Robert Watkins which will knock my novel into a shape that is fit to be published. This is the hope!
You can follow the lottery that is my 'path to publication' right here on the website, as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Be warned, it's a path that could lead to the heights of book deal heaven, or straight to the virtual $1.99 bin of the Kindle book barn. Let's see shall we? Either way, it'll be fun (except when I'm crying into my cappuccino) and possibly educational for other would-be authors.
Make yourself a tea (or if the sun is over the yardarm, pour that wine!) and have a browse through my site.
You'll find a bit about me and a précis of my novel-in-waiting. On my blog, you'll not only get updates on where I'm up to with the novel, but also useful info on writing, links to excellent podcasts & articles and much more.


A little more detail . . .

Michelle Barraclough is a bookish sort of woman juggling life as a business owner, marketing consultant & mother who only recently figured out she should have been a writer all along.

She began her Arts degree with a major in literature, however an impassioned young man at a New Year's party in 1987 talked her into doing a business degree. Because she's easily persuaded and a Libran who finds it impossible to make decisions easily, she did both!

However, her devotion to reading and writing has remained strong.

For four years she wrote a blog Bumparella which followed her journey through the weird science of IVF and her subsequent pregnancy, as well as the comedic-tragic-dramatic performance of being a parent & partner.

Michelle is currently editing her first novel As I Am.

Michelle and her husband John live on Sydney's northern beaches with two children under their roof and three grown-up ones nearby. 

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